9/14/2019 What if a doctor told you that you have 6 months to live?

I have seen on the TV a number of times, that very scenario.  I have known a few folks with a time line. On the TV everyone either is very solicitous or quietly glad that it is not them.


Here is the truth. Let us say that there are 15 of us in a coffeehouse. we all know each other. A friend, Ted,  walks in and makes the announcement that they have been told that with luck they might have 6 months to live. First of all my mother had cancer , beat it until it came back 7 years later. Here is what I always wanted to do in that TV show or movie.


I would stand up and ask, ” Who here was never going to die, raise your hand.”  Then I would ask. “Who here was sure that they would be alive in 6 months?” Then I would go for the big one, “Who here is guaranteed tomorrow?”


I would tell them the difference. Ted now has a sense of urgency. He will get things done that he has been putting off , like contacting friends not seen for a while. He Have a chance to mend fences with relatives that need mending. He may do something that he has always wanted to do but never had the time like seeing Old Faithful or going to Vegas. He has a chance to be more serious with his relationship with his GOD or the universe. It is not a blessing and I do not wish it on anyone.


One of the other of us my predecease Ted, if even he does not make it, and not have been prepared. I am bringing this up as a reminder to us all.


We are do busy with running or walking around in our lives that we miss things. Lets not put so much off for the future. Lets remember to patch up some of the fences that we have  allowed to break down. If you remember someone favorably from your school days, why not reach out. If there is a relative that you have a quiet war with, how about a truce and then peace pact. If you have something in your bucket list that is possible now, Why not? If you relationship with your church, religion, group that helps you understand your world, why not put more of your time and self into it.


Doing these things , even if you live another 80 years, can make your life today better and since the other folks in your past and present are not guaranteed tomorrow either, a good late memory . I personally believe that the relationship is more important than slights even if not our fault.  I have let some folks shed responsibility to mend something more important.


Think about it. One day, maybe next week, might be too late.  It is to  late to regret something when the window for action is closed.  Reach out this week to folks that if passed you would wish that you could have said one last thing or even one last visit.


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