9/13/2019 Between misery and suffering at only 10 AM it is starting out as a bad day

Don’t get me wrong. I am still grateful to be able to wake and rise everyday. If you add my pain from the torn rotator cuff a month ago, my melanoma surgery Tuesday hurting pretty well and this miserable cold that I picked up yesterday, it is a tough day.


My ailments have caused me to sweat a lot so I did laundry right after my shower and changing my wound dressing. I could not even take my cane today. I walked down the stairs from 5 and put my laundry in. The elevator guys must have been working earlier because the down stairs area was hot and humid. It was even more so than outside. Between the coughing, sore throat and sneezing I needed supplies. I also needed more would supplies. I left the laundry in and walked to Walgreen’s without my cane even. I got there and bought the supplies that were on sale. A lot of buy one and get one at 50% off. I bought cough syrup, cough drops, sterile pads and band aids as well as 3 candy bars . Even with the discounts it came to $75. It was just one more pain. Did I mention that it was lightly raining today.  I got back and put my stuff in the dryer. Then the humidity inside affected me. I got my mail from yesterday, more stuff to carry upstairs. I literally sweated it out. The Ricola cough drops helped and the  “Roll of tissues” that I brought down with me helped also. Between the laundry and shopping  the trek up the stairs was a real trial. I was very happy to get home but it is still early. If I go out later I will have to avoid spreading the joy (the cold) to my fellow Chicagoans. All prayers are appreciated.

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