9/11/2019 On this very serious day a funny thing happened to me.

First of all I started of remembering the events of 9/11. I lived in NYC in the mid 70’s and saw the towers often. I was very sad when the y feel. We say fell but it is more like they were pushed. We must never forget.

The later part f the day I got in touch with a friend that agreed to meet later on. By the way one of my regular folks of which I speak has forbidden me from including them due to trouble that it brought to them.

I went to S Bucks early to find a table. it took three tries to get my favorite. While I was waiting my friend Samson came in and bought for me a fruit juice and iced tea.  We sat and chatted for a bit. He is an amazingly positive man and well worth any contact. He went off to work. My friend Omega (street  name) came by and we chatted some. He had some guys outside that he was with .He gave to me his number to call so we could meet on Monday. He moved on. Finally my friend Brenden came and as he was getting his drink I had a stranger sit at the table. She is a young lady of maybe her early 20’s. I told her that the man with the chair was going to return. She asked about the books that I was reading. I told her but she seemed uninterested but said that reading was fundamental in a bored manner. She was wearing a colorful loose top that was appropriate for the hot humid day that it was. She looked at me strangely like I was not getting the point. Brenden came to the table and I told her that it was his chair. She was a little spookily. She looked at his wedding ring and commented that he was married. The scales fell from my eyes.  I pointed to my ring finger and said that my wife did not want me to wear a ring. I am her second husband. She looked at me like maybe I was fibbing. She finally got the point and hint. She stepped out of the door. At the time we were at the table by the door. She stood out there looking at us for a bit. I made sure not to say anything about her as she was there. Since I moved back to Chicago this is about the fourth time that this has happened to me. I believe that she saw me as an opportunity to be fed and have money spent on her. She moved around the corner so that she was behind me , outside the window. Brenden looked and said that I was missing the show. Apparently she took off her blouse and was doing something out there. I did not ask him what so as to not know. Then she left. We got to my favorite table finally. I went for my refill and the folks behind the counter had apparently seen everything. They teased me about it.  One asked what she said to me. I gave a non-commental answer. Then another said that I should not move as then my girlfriend would not be able to find me. It was funny.  We chatted for a while then took the # 151 to a Jewel store and shopped a bit. The rides were not too bad but one did have a number of folks with shopping pulls. One was huge and packed high. One was full of water and very heavy. We were lucky. If a couple more had found us the bus aisles would be impassable. We parted at our stop and will meet again sometime.

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