“Donut Rush” Jae Yong Kim’s Ceramic Donut Installation

this is another reblog from Flow Art Station magazine. Zero calorie donuts. Ceramic beauties but you can’t eat them so no calories


tumblr_o6nyf0jd881ql08jto4_12802018_KIM_GOLD_RUSH_006_master - Copietumblr_o6nyf0jd881ql08jto8_1280donuts-1 - CopieJae-Yong-Kim-15 - Copiec0341d0e09553cbc463bfe2046a42528donut-4-960x638@2x - Copiedonut-3 - Copiedonut-5 - Copiedonut-2-640x607@2x - Copie11b3ba27331c2fe4820dddbbe3527c70--ceramic-sculptures-sculpture-art - Copietumblr_o6nyf0jd881ql08jto5_1280o6nyf0jd881ql08jto9donuts36o6nyf0jd881ql08jto61280Donut_Rush_008_mastertrays666cf9d5f2d4c09edbb77c50412d0e70ceramic-glaze-donuts-jae-yong-kim-4“Donut Rush” Jae Yong Kim's Cceramic Donut Installation.jpg

 “Donut Rush” Jae Yong Kim‘s Ceramic Donut Installation

South Korean artist Jae Yong Kim creates incredibly realistic donuts using clay, glitter, paint and swarovski crystals. “The faux desserts present a glossy perfection in their paint application, yet contain an irregularity in shape to trick the eye into believing they might be an edible treat. Kim chooses patterns and images that evoke a sense of pop culture both past and present, with several pieces imitating the style of famous painters such as the splattered marks of Jackson Pollack or concentric dots of Yayoi Kusama. These references, alongside their presentation as food, ask the audience to consider what they are really consuming when viewing his small, spherical works.”

As these dreams develop, deeper meanings begin to emerge. Distinguishing colors, patterns and appliques start aligning themselves with art historical and pop culture references. By utilizing techniques resembling the paint drips of…

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