I got the big ride on the #36 bus today and my boss/wife was with me.

My wife called me today and came to visit. In determining what to do I convinced her to take a trip with me to Old Town, my old stomping grounds. We went to the bus stop towait. Boss lady saw that Colombo was on duty as always. I spotted the bus a few blocks off. It is good to get the bus early. When boarding there were several ladies so LB (Lady Boss) saved for me a seat. She picked my favorite seat, without knowing. The seats are a little uncomfortable for her as she is small. I saw one lady that was so short that when she scooted up on the seat, her feet were a good 4 inches from the floor. BL is not that short. She spent the first 10 minutes making sure that everything that she had was with her and not left in my condo. She searched all of her pockets and she had everything with her. I tried to observe the other riders but it was not easy. BL and I react to each other. We are like Tom and Jerry. WE talk and joke. We remind each other of the olde days and funny things not around any more. I also was looking out of the window and because I make it a goal to try as many of the restaurants on this route, I acted as food tour guide, telling her about each one that we passed. It was fun when added to our back and forth routine. A very neat , older ( our age) black gentleman in front of us turned and spoke with us. He was enjoying the Riders Guide to Restaurants on the Route of the #36 Bus. He said that he rides it 3 times a week and did not notice most of them. He said that he was interested in some of them now (or something like that.) I forget his name. I can be rude like that if I meet someone and cannot tag their name to something else in my life, I lose it. The three of us chatted for a good while about stuff. You know that most folks chat about stuff and don’t remember exactly what afterwards.  What a great guy. I always try to look for the different hats that folks wear on the bus and most wear one different from everyone else. He wore a herringbone, plaid, ivy cap. I have one like that. I could well identify with this fellow. As we approached North Avenue, our stop I turned and saw that the couple behind us were grinning and also seemed to be enjoying the LB and Patrick show. I looked around and we had an audience. It was a turn about from my usual routine. S stranger spoke to me first and half the passengers on the bus were observing US. Usually I start the conversation and observe everyone else.  I really liked the feeling.

After we disembarked we headed down North Avenue to Wells Street. I continued with my guided tour act with BL. I pointed out the Aloha Poke where they have good poke. I pointed out the nail salon that used to be my head shop”Stick It In Your Ear.” BL is undergoing a series of acupuncture treatments and she told me that when they  put the needles in her ear she thinks about my old store.

I was not sure what she was in the mood to eat so we would tour the main 3 blocks of restaurants and then she could choose. She decided that poke would be better in the summer. I continued to point out the establishment on both sides of the street. There are a couple French, Italian, steak, sports bars, Irish and others.  I wanted to show to her the new burger place so we continued on to that small place. It was full and there was a line. I encouraged her to use the rest room before we went on. While she was in there 8 more people came in.  Some other day for this one too. When she rejoined me we headed back. I pointed to a steak place that I had never eaten at. She said okay but as we were going there we saw an Italian restaurant that was virgin to me. She checked out the menu and selected it as our place of dining. The place is named ORSO.  It was not crowded as so many other were. We like a little elbow room. We studied the menu and I had a coffee. The coffee passed my standards. Boss Lady decided that we could share an order of lasagna. It was a big dish. I ordered a Turkey Panini with bacon. The gentleman asked if I preferred french fries or sweet potato fries. I was in the process of declining both when BL said that we would have the sweet potato fries. As is often the case her sudden decision turned out very good.  The lasagna was very good and the panini was decent. It was as you would expect from a good Italian restaurant. When she tried the fries and offered me one we were really surprised. The flavor was strong but there was no oilyness , grease or mushiness. They were the best either of us had ever had before.  We had the waiter wrap the rest of them up in tin foil for taking home. We headed out for the bus. We arrived at the bus stop we waited for the bus. There was a lady there and in the course of conversing with her, BL and she had a small disagreement on a topic for waiting for the bus. I was a little surprised. Fortunately the other lady was waiting for the #22. I dodged a small caliber bullet there. The bus arrived and there was only one seat where we could be together, in the very back. The seat was even less comfortable for her than the first one was. A few stops later a two seat up front opened and I claimed the land for BL. It was kind of fun. One of the things that we discussed on the way down was that riders were supposed to enter at the front and exit at the rear. I explained that since the front of the bus “kneeled” and that made exiting easier for some. The bus filled up more, to standing room only when the bus did something I had never seen before. A rider had tried to exit out the rear door before it was ready. The door jammed open and would not close. The buzzer was going off and the bus would not move. It took a good 5 minutes for the driver to get it to close. He told us that when the time came we would have to exit out the front. I reminded BL of our earlier talk. As we stopped and lines of folks left out the frontr before the lines of folks entered that meant that we had folks not aware of the door problem. After twice when folks tried to leave and the drive, with the small voice tried to stop the exiting in the rear, BL told me that her voice was too soft. I assigned the job to myself so that the bus would get us home. As each new person approached the rear door I called out in my loud, strong voice,”The rear door is broken you have to exit out the front.” The extra walking slowed out trip but it did make me feel useful. I convinced BL to go with me to Bibim Town on the way home. We exited, out the front, right by BT where the stop is. SOO the proprietor  is always glad to see us and offered us tea. BL bought a vitamin water and I drank regular water. SOO sat with us and we chatted. BL pulled out her sweet potato fries and shared them. I bought some of the crackers the I keep at home for when BL visits as she likes them a lot. We had a good time with her and then returned to my condo. I sure enjoy time with the Boss Lady, she makes me laugh and vice versa. Have a good night my friends.

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